Louie Anderson Favorite

Bryan Puts In His Two Weeks Notice wins the 2019 ZFest X Louie Anderson Favorite Award!

For immediate release.

Bryan Puts in His Two Weeks Notice wins the Louie Anderson Favorite Award

We struck Louie Anderson's funny bone and won the Louie Anderson Favorite Award at the 2019 ZFest X awards ceremony on March 23rd 2019. As part of the Award, we will get to send two of our team to the set of Baskets to speak with Louie Anderson and check things out on set. We couldn't be more excited. Watch for posts from the set. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @BizCorpShitShow.

Don't forget to support the cause and Buy/Rent the movie, get the awesome Ringtones or the official Soundtrack (that includes the ringtones)

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