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Ringtones available for iPhone and Android

Shit Show Ringtone Preview - Bryan McDonald
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There are two ways to get the iPhone Ringtone:

#1 The Easy Way

Open the iTunes store app on your iPhone

  • Search for Shit Show Ringtone

  • Purchase

  • Assign to contacts as needed.


Shit Show Ringtone for Android


#2 Use iTunes on your computer

Shit Show Ringtone for iPhone


Computer download: Download the .zip to your computer and unzip the file. 


  • Connect your iOS device to your computer.

  • Open iTunes

  • On your computer, find the ringtone or tone that you want to add to your device.

  • Drag and drop your tone file onto the name of your iOS device in the left sidebar of iTunes.  Then click on Tones to verify that the ShitShowRingtone file is listed.  You are now Good To Go! Assign the ringtone to the appropriate contacts, or make it your default ringtone and watch people's reactions.

If these instructions don't work, visit the Apple support page for further instruction.

Computer download: Download the mp3 to your computer, tablet, or Mac and either transfer the file to your mobile device or download the file straight to your mobile device.  You can use file transfer software like Samsung Smart Switch or the Android File Transfer app to drag and drop the mp3 directly into your "ringtones" folder. Then, go to "Settings".  Click "Sounds and vibration". Click  "Ringtones".  Find it and set it!

Mobile Download: Download the mp3 directly to your mobile device. Go to "Settings". Click "Sounds and Vibration". Click "Ringtone". Scroll until you see "Add from phone" and click that. Scroll until you find it (folder tree varies on various devices). Click it! Click "Done".


If these instructions don't work, just Google "How to add a custom mp3 ringtone to (whatever Android device you have) and figure that shit out. :) Enjoy!  

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