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Biz Corp is like so many other organizations. Singing, dancing and throwing contracts in the air. But one key employee has had it up to here. What will Bryan Do? How far will he go?

Support the cause and buy the short film for $2 and we will send you 1 additional promo code by email to share with someone that needs to see this!!  Or rent it for just $1.  I dare you to watch it just once.  Make sure to register to receive updates. We are working on something BIG! If you need assistance, please email  Don't forget to Pick up the soundtrack or ringtones too.

Fulfillment and Streaming information:

We are using Vimeo to distribute / On Demand Bryan Puts In His Two Weeks Notice.


When you purchase the movie from the BizCorp website, we will email you two promo codes / links within 12 hours M-F. One for you, and one to share with that friend that needs to see this. You know the one!


If you have to have it "right now" click on over to and you can buy the movie directly from Vimeo and stream immediately. You'll miss out on the 2nd promo code to share. But when you have to have it, you have to have it.


When you receive the email with your links/codes, click on one of the links in the email and either log in with your Facebook, Google or Vimeo account.  Then binge watch it over and over while singing along! Don't forget to hit the Receive Updates button to get on the mailing list. We'll send you updates as they are available. We are working on something BIG!


Watch it on the 85" flat screen in your living room using the Vimeo App in your Apple TV, Roku, Xbox or Chromecast. Size matters!  Your movie will be in the Watch Later section.  This section has the Clock icon.

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